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Circuit Breaker

Selling Circuit Breakers is an electrical device or switch that functions automatically to prevent damage to electrical circuits due to short circuit, excessive load / overload, and ground fault. Circuit breakers are widely used in electrical panels that are used to protect from short circuits. Short currents are dangerous because they can cause sparks which then cause a fire. There are several types of circuit breakers, including ACB, ELCB, MCB, MCCB, NFB, RCCB, VCB. We, PT Oscar Tunastama Indonesia sell the most complete circuit breakers of the highest quality. In addition we also provide a variety of the best circuit breaker brands, including Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Fuji Electric, ABB, and many more. Buy cheap circuit breakers from us with the best specifications. All products that we sell are original products with guaranteed quality of SNI that have gone through quality testing.